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There are a couple of things to keep in mind before looking after your car's paint, read these suggestions by Marland Enterprises in Cazenovia, if you want to avoid any scratches while during the process!

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Avoid Parking Under the Sun

The sun’s UV rays are very damaging to any surface and exterior, and these rays can produce chemical reactions in the paint that will wear it down over the long term. Also, the sun can be harming the car’s body structure, if fragments of the paint have already peeled off.

Don’t Overlook Scratches

Even if they’re small, scratches can expose the second layer of the bodywork and paint is also a kind of protective layer. If this part is exposed, the bodywork can begin to undergo an oxidation or wear process, depending on its composition. Think of a cavity and how it spreads; well, it has the same effect and you’ll realize that something that looked like a simple scratch can end in extensive damage.

Always Go for Damp Sponges and Wet Cloths to Do the Washing

When you have little time, and to clean your car, it is common that you have used dry cloths to remove dirt; however, this practice will harm the surface of the vehicle in the long run. It's better to rely on sponges since dry cloths can scratch the vehicle or its paint. If you do not have much time to wash it and you see that your car is full of dust, it is recommended to use wet cloths.

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Apply Wax If You Want to Enhance the Colors of Your Car and Give It a Brand New Look

When you apply it, you are creating an artificial layer that protects the paint from moisture and dust. You can apply it once a month and you will see how your car remains in excellent condition. Try to choose waxes that contain Teflon, a waterproof material that provides extra protection to the paint.


The paint will wear out over time, therefore, applying a good polish will eliminate scratches and revive the colors of your car. This is a job that must be done with great care, since a misuse of this technique can affect your vehicle. If you’re not comfortable doing this, it’s recommended to leave this job for professionals and thus avoid any damage.

Beware of Dust

To preserve the shine of your car and eliminate any external dust that may mistreat it, then it’s recommended to do a traditional wash, at least once every two weeks. It’s not only about the appearance, but this will help you with keeping your car in good shape. The body is exposed to a variety of pollutants, from simple dust to acids in the environment, even bird droppings can become corrosive so, washing your car at least once a week will be more than enough and in case you cannot wash your car due to lack of time, you can always leave it in a washing center, where you will get a good result and the best possible care for your vehicle.

Leave the Stickers Behind

Stickers are fun ways to display humor and personality but, these adhesives might contain corrosive glues that could potentially be harmful to the surface of the vehicle; especially the on car's paint. It is possible to get some special materials (such as those used in wrapping) to decorate and give new life to the exterior of your car. However. It is not recommended that you do this without the help of an expert. On the other hand, avoid putting common decals on your car paint, since you could be damaging your body without realizing it.

Pay Attention to the Effects of Certain Wax Products

Waxing and polishing adds additional shine to the paint but, depending on the type of product you use while supplying an additional layer to protect the surface; this coat will create a shield against the sun’s rays and other harming elements.

Take Care of Your Vehicle with the Best Synthetic Oil Change in Cazenovia

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