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Don't neglect your car's battery! Marland Enterprises in Cazenovia came up with a list that will help you keep this element in the best condition possible while extending its lifespan before the winter strikes.

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Extend the Life of the Battery

The average life of a battery is five years. However, following a few simple tips, could you double that time? and save some money in the process?

Avoid Parking in Places with Extreme Temperatures

Normally, cars run out of battery in winter due to the cold, but high temperatures also reduce their life usage. Therefore, avoid parking under the sun for more than five hours.

Start by Stepping on the Clutch

This way, the battery will only have to start the engine and will strain as little as possible. If the clutch is not pressed, you'll also have to needlessly move part of the transmission system.

Be Careful with Electrical Installations

If you install an electrical accessory in the car - for example, a more powerful audio system or daytime running lights - it's critical that all cables and connections are perfectly isolated. Otherwise, with the engine stopped, small discharges will occur that will reduce the life of the battery. It should also be taken into account how much power will the installed elements consume, as it may be necessary to install a battery with a higher energy capacity so that it does not run out before it should. Whatever you decide, know you should consult this with your workshop for a professional viewpoint.

Don't Plug More Systems than Those You'll Need

The alternator that supplies electricity to the vehicle when the engine is running. However, if many electrical systems are connected, there may come a time when the alternator won't have enough capacity to meet those needs, so the battery would have to come and 'help' you;  and its useful life would be reduced. Of course, in modern vehicles, this problem is very unusual.

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Avoid Going on Short Trips

The startup tends to be the most stressful moment for the battery and it takes several minutes for the alternator to recharge it. Going on short trips or driving minimal distances at low revolutions will prevent the alternator from charging the battery correctly.

The Battery Tends to Discharge, Even If The Car Is Still

Therefore, it's recommended that you start it at least once a month, and that you travel with it a minimum of 18 miles on the highway. If the vehicle is going to remain stationary for a longer time, it may be worth disconnecting the battery - just remove the negative terminal and make sure it doesn't rub against any metallic element. Remember that, even if it's completely disconnected, the battery will end up discharging in the long term thus it will be difficult for it to last more than two years.

Don't Plug Anything If the Engine is Stopped

Avoid it if you don't have to. Staying inside the car with the engine turned off and the interior lights on, or listening to the radio, also reduces battery life, especially when the battery is not at its best or if it's very cold.

Find Out If Your Battery Requires Maintenance

Although these types of batteries are not as popular as they were. If yours needs it, it should be indicated on the battery itself with warnings stating if you need to fill up the water they contain inside - because it evaporates. To do this, once a year, you must remove the six plugs between the terminals and, if the water level is low, fill it to the maximum. Use only distilled water as tap water contains mineral salts that would decrease the life of the battery.

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