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If you've read some of the other posts in this blog, then you probably have a very good idea of why it's crucial to change the oil in your vehicle regularly if you want it to continue working as expected. If you aren't sure of what steps to take, however, read below for more information on how to perform a synthetic motor oil change on your own.

How to Replace Your Vehicle's Synthetic Motor Oil and Oil Filter Effectively

Read Your Owner's Manual for Specific Tips

Before you even begin to work on this crucial maintenance job, you should read through your vehicle's owner's manual. There, you'll be able to learn any special requirements your vehicle has, as well as specific tips on how to perform the motor oil replacement. Through it, you'll also have an easier time figuring out where the different components mentioned in this tutorial are, so read it thoroughly before starting.

Only Work with the Best Motor Oil

Another thing you should consider before you start with the replacement, is what product you'll use for it. As you may be aware, using cheap products can yield cheap results. That's why, if you want the best results, you should opt for the best synthetic motor oil in the market. This way, you'll be ensuring that the components in your engine will be properly protected and lubricated. If you're searching for the highest quality products for your synthetic motor oil changes, know that you can count on Marland Enterprises in Dewitt to provide them for you. They work with AMSOIL, which can guarantee that your engine will be properly maintained for longer. Call (315) 727-4645 for more information on the best synthetic motor oil in Dewitt.

Warm Up the Oil

The motor oil in your engine can have a thick and gooey consistency, which could make draining it out a bit tedious. If you want to move this process along, turn your vehicle on for about 5 minutes to warm the oil. This will make it more fluid and easier to drain. Don't warm it for too long, though, or the oil can get too hot and scold you. If you've overheated it, wait for it to cool down before you continue.

Lift Up the Vehicle Very Carefully

To replace your vehicle's engine, you will have to get under it, since most of the components involved are down there. If you will be lifting it, however, you should be very careful, lest you want a gruesome accident to happen. To be safe, park your vehicle and turn it off in its entirety. Then, use the jacking points and the jack stand to lift it up properly and safely.

Prep to Start Draining

Before you begin draining the old oil out, you still need to go through a few more steps. For starters, you should take the oil fill cap out. You should also locate the drain pan and the drain plug. Once you do that, you have to place the drain pan under the drain plug, so it has a chance to gather the drained oil. If you have trouble with any of these steps, read through your owner's manual once more.

Drain the Old Motor Oil

Now, let's get on to the good part. To drain the old oil, take a wrench and work on loosening up and removing the drain plug under your vehicle. Again, make sure the pan is placed correctly so you don't make a mess on the floor. After the oil has stopped pouring out, place and tighten the new oil plug. Be sure to take the old, drained motor oil to an authorized center where they can get rid of it appropriately.

Work on the Oil Filter

To work on the oil filter, you should start by locating it. Once you have, place the drain pan underneath and remove the filter, so the nasty, old oil can come out. Place the new oil filter into position and use a bit of fresh oil to help seal it properly. Once again, it's extremely important that you refer to your owner's manual if you want a better idea of how to tighten it correctly.

Feed Your Vehicle with New Synthetic Motor Oil

You're almost done with this task! All you have to do now is pour the new motor oil into the fill hole. If needed, use a clean funnel for this step. It's important that you check the dipstick as you pour the oil in, so you know when it's at the required levels. After that, you just need run your engine for a bit to check for any leaks or issues that may be going on, and that's it! You've successfully maintained your engine!

Are You Searching for the Best Synthetic Motor Oil in Dewitt?

Remember that Marland Enterprises in Dewitt has the products you require for your engine's synthetic oil changes. Call (315) 727-4645 for more information on AMSOIL and their high quality products, or order the best synthetic motor oil in Dewitt through their online store.

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