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Nobody ever wants to be in a car wreck! That's why in this post, we'll share some of the most common reasons for car accidents, so you can avoid them as much as possible and stay safe behind the wheel.

Most Common Reasons for Car Accidents

Driving when Distracted

You've probably heard it again and again: do not drive while you're distracted. This means that you shouldn't be texting or calling someone on the phone, you shouldn't be playing around with your radio, you shouldn't be distracted by what's going on in the backseat of your vehicle, you shouldn't be eating, and more. This is because driving is an unpredictable activity to begin with, and if you're not paying attention to the road and what the drivers/people around you are doing even for a second, you run the risk of making a mistake and causing a wreck.

Not Following the Traffic Rules

Traffic signs and rules are there for a reason: they were thought of in order to keep you safe while you're behind the wheel. That's why, if you choose to ignore them, you're making your drives much more dangerous. This includes speeding, giving into road rage, not stopping when you're supposed to, among others. Yes, you may be in a hurry to get somewhere, but it's better to be a couple of minutes late than speeding, running red lights, and generally being reckless when driving, because you might get in an accident and you may not get to your destination at all.

Driving with Poor Weather Conditions

You can't control the weather, and it's more than likely that at some point during your life, you will have to drive when the conditions outside are less than ideal. As you know, rain and snow cover the road, making it more difficult for your tires to have a good grip on it. Moreover, the precipitation covers your windshield, which means your visibility will be compromised at times. That's why, if you want to stay safe in poor weather conditions, you should be extra careful, drive at a slower pace, and keep your distance with objects, people, and vehicles around.

Driving a Vehicle in Bad Shape

In certain occasions, car wrecks are caused by a malfunctioning vehicle. Faulty brakes or damaged tires, for instance, can be very bad news, since they'll put you in potentially dangerous situations when you're on the road. That's why your best bet is to always keep an eye on your vehicle's condition, and take it to a mechanic every so often to keep it fined-tuned. Doing so will not only save you the trouble of being in an accident because of a technical difficulty, but it can save you a lot of time and money in your vehicle's maintenance. Maintaining your engine with a synthetic oil change is one of the best things you can do for it. If you want to ensure that the products you use are of the highest quality, call Marland Enterprises in Syracuse at (315) 727-4645. They carry AMSOIL 100% synthetic oil in Syracuse, meaning that your engine will be in top shape for longer.

Driving While Under the Influence

It's no secret that driving when you're inebriated or high is not a good idea. As you know, when you're under the influence, you don't think in the same way, you don't have as much control over your body, and you can't react to the situations that arise around you quickly and appropriately. It's far better to wait until you're sober again, or to get to your destination with a  sober friend/relative/taxi/bus/train. At the end of the day, if you care about your safety and that of those around you, you won't drive unless you know you'll be focused and in full control of your body, mind, and reactions.

Drowsy Driving

The last important reason for car wrecks we'll discuss in this post is drowsy driving. Falling asleep behind the wheel, or being too tired to even keep your head up can turn into a nightmare. If you've been driving a long time and you still have some more road to go though, stop and rest. Caffeine drinks don't come close to the energy you get from a good night's sleep in a comfy bed. Moreover, sleeping will help your brain stay awake and it will be a better option for your health and your safety.

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