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The friction that happens between the components in your engine can wear them down and lead it to overheat. Needless to say, your vehicle can’t perform under these conditions, which is why you need to change its oil to ensure its proper functioning. Still, if you aren’t sure if you need an oil change, the signs mentioned below can guide you.

How to Tell if You Need an Oil Change

  1. It’s commonly recommended that you replace the oil in your vehicle after 3,000 miles. Just consider that this depends on various factors, such as your vehicle, its condition, and how you use it.
  2. An easy way to tell if it’s time for a change is to look at the oil’s coloring. When you first pour it in, it has a light brown hue, but time and use turn it black. If this has happened, change the oil.
  3. Time can also have a say in this. If it’s been about 1 year since the last oil change, it’s likely that it’ll need to be replaced. If you can’t remember, take note of when you do so you don’t forget again.
  4. Of course, the oil needs to be filled up correctly for it to do its job. This is why it’s important that you check that it’s at the right level. If it isn’t, top it off and check for leaks.
  5. You’ve probably seen the “check engine” sign in your vehicle. If you see it light up, don’t neglect it. Instead, replace the oil in your vehicle and notice if that’s what your engined needed.
  6. As a last tip, be sure to pay close attention to your engine. If it starts making weird noises, or becomes jumpy, it may be that it needs new oil. Still, take it to a mechanic to verify its condition.

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