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If your car needs a combustion power source to ignite, chances are it produces plenty of heat to start. Marland Enterprises in Cazenovia sheds light on coolant secrets to offset harsh temperatures in combustion engines.

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Switching to Quality Formulas to Improve Car Upkeep

Conventional heat engines waste most of the energy they use. In the long run, this becomes one of the most notable disadvantages. In detail, a gasoline engine uses about 30% at most under proper working conditions. However, this metric can increase narrowly to 40% in diesel-powered motors. The rest burns out and is discharged through the engine parts. After that, the refrigerant circuit evacuates the remaining heat inflow. So, it's only fair to remind you how crucial antifreeze is. Broadly speaking, in electric motors, those proportions are more reasonable. In their case, the energy is utilized up to 90%, so these devices are more competent and helpful in fuel burning.

Antifreeze Basics: What Is Coolant and Why Do I Need It?

It's all about thermal control, and antifreeze is a powerful additive. So much so that using it can spare your car from destructive damage by regulating the cooling system's temperature. Besides, it's a paramount fluid for combustion engines, as they get their cooling traits from the cooling system. Without this product, the engine might deteriorate faster, melt, and damage many moving components. You'll need this special fluid to offset harsh temperatures. So, enter the antifreeze fluid to keep things flowy inside the cylinder block. In its first stage, the coolant catches the heat induced in the cylinder's block operation. Though it's worth noting that your car will be in trouble if no antifreeze hauls the heat to a radiator. Still, there's nothing to worry about if you mind your antifreeze. Once the radiator is done with the cycle, it renews it by propelling it back to the cylinder block.

A Quick Background Check on Antifreeze Liquid

Believe it or not, tap water has been the most common engine coolant for decades. So, adding 50% water into the coolant mix can keep alkaline deposits from gathering. That way, it can be advantageous to prevent clogging in the radiator circuit. Yet, modern engines use a combination of purified water with ethylene glycol. This blend, known as coolant, lowers the water's freezing point while boosting its boiling temperature.

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Expect Better Thermal Regulation

The coolant fluid is crucial to offset harsh temperaturesAs you may have learned, antifreeze maintains liquids from freezing, boiling, and evaporating in the circuits. This process is promoted through a pump that functions as soon as the motor activates. Then, the coolant initiates circulation, keeping the motor's temperature steady. When the heat is disproportionate, the air from the exterior won't suffice to cool it down. In that case, the thermostat links a fan connected to the radiator to propel its discharge.

Keeping an Eye on the Oil Levels

Suppose the mission of the coolant liquid is to distribute via the lubrication circuit. Then,  the crankcase's job is to stock oil and scatter unnecessary heat while lowering clashes and friction in the metallic parts. With that logic, it's crucial to inspect the levels of both fluids occasionally. Plus, don't forget to top them off under the car's owner's manual instructions. If you ever want to check levels at home, insert the dipstick into the motor and pour the coolant until you reach the level suggested on the tank.

Proceed with Caution

Keep in mind that the coolant fluid is stored in reserve to prevent any shortages in the circuit. It would be best if you never replaced the antifreeze when the engine is running or hot. If you don't wait for the motor to cool down, you could get burned or put yourself in a dangerous situation. All in all, it's best to let it cool down fully before you open the radiator.

Pick a Coolant That Meets Your Car's Needs

Please look at the instructions on your car's owner's manual and see which antifreeze matches its demands. Lastly, avoid mixing different cooling brands at all costs.

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