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Clearing your car of foul odors may seem tedious, but it's more manageable than it looks. Keep reading this post by Marland Enterprises in Cazenovia to learn how to eliminate unpleasant auto odors.

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Sometimes, constant care and maintenance are enough to preserve a pleasant smell inside the vehicle's cabin. Still, there will be moments when you'll need to do extra work to eliminate unpleasant auto odors. People usually spend at least a couple of hours inside their cars daily, so it's crucial to seek complete comfort, and that includes eliminating foul odors.

Prevent Odors by Cleaning on Time

It's known that prevention will always work in your favor and at least avoid upsetting smells in general. So, always try to refrain from eating and drinking inside the vehicle as it's a source of a large amount of waste. Besides, this can also generate bacteria, which, in turn, will cause the annoying smell to linger inside the car for longer. If you can't avoid eating or drinking inside the car, roll your windows so that odors don't permeate the cabin. Also, in case of spills, clean the affected area as soon as possible and use certified cleaning products to remove all residues.

Cigarette Smoke

Burnt tobacco is a scent that quickly penetrates the car's upholstery, so it's best to avoid smoking inside your vehicle. In extreme cases, you can always use an indoor smoke extractor, but you will still need to constantly clean the car to eliminate unpleasant auto odors from tobacco.

Air Conditioning System

Doing periodic air conditioning cleaning is a point often forgotten by most drivers. Still, it's here where a vast amount of bacteria is generated and the usual origin of foul odors.

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Now Onto Removing Bad Odors

If the smell inside your car has become a presence you can no longer ignore and you don't know the origin of the nasty smell, the best thing you can do is clean the inside of your car thoroughly. Eliminate hidden waste in the seat bags, the middle, the glove compartment, or the door deposits. Vacuum all the upholstery of the seats, and apply cleaning products to help you get rid of dirt and bacteria; make sure they don't have corrosive substances or solvents in their cleaning formula. Wash car mats as they can be a source of moisture and cause odors inside your car. Proceed to move onto your car's dashboard; it can also be impregnated with foul odors. After cleaning with a dry cloth, you can use any gel, special plastic, and vinyl cleaners for cars. Usually, with a simple cleaning of the vehicle, irritating odors are eliminated, but if this isn't the case, it will be necessary to carry out deep cleaning. For this, you must clean the air conditioning system, the trunk, and the upholstery of the passenger compartment.

Sanitizing the Air Conditioning System

You must do this task every six months, but don't worry! It is relatively simple. Start by turning the heat on high with doors and windows closed for at least 5 minutes to kill most bacteria in air conditioning ducts. Then, you can use a special cleaning foam or spray for this area. It usually requires a tightly closed car and air recirculation mode. Follow your vehicle's manufacturer's guide if you need specific instructions for this process.

Pay Attention to Filters and Vents

Cleaning or changing the air filters is crucial as these can be the perfect habitat to house and multiply bacteria that generates foul odors. Then, sanitize the air conditioning vents with a sponge impregnated with disinfectant to eliminate unpleasant auto odors.

Check Your Trunk

Please don't neglect the trunk; you need to clean it often as it's an area that carries multiple products that spill and cause foul odors. In more complex cases, the car's upholstery can be the source of moisture or have a bad smell. You will have to wash it or have your vehicle cleaned and disinfected by professionals to eliminate unpleasant auto odors.

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