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Let's kick off the new year with some tips for first-time driversMarland Enterprises in Cazenovia has prepared this post below for the occasion. Begin this 2023 on the right foot, and jot down these pointers!

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Sitting Properly Is a Good Way to Start

First, make sure you're leaning your back close to the backrest. After that, stretch one arm without disconnecting the shoulders from the backrest. Finally, rest your outstretched arm just above the steering wheel rim. Make sure the wrist is slightly above the steering wheel rim, and your hand is on the steering wheel too.

Modify the Car's Settings and Details to Your Liking

The legs need to be comfortably bent if you want to reach all the pedals. Don't forget to adjust the mirrors and fasten your seat belt before you head out. Always place your hands on the steering wheel in the correct position. Adjust the driver's seat so you can easily access the pedals. Then, try to get acquainted with them; it's important to note the space they occupy, their function, and their pressure levels. After that, please turn off the vehicle and press on each one to check where they go down.

Start Looking for a Tranquil Space to Practice

If you want a head-start, try driving in places with not much activity. Opt for a vast zone or someplace with enough room to drive the car. Isolated areas are lovely spaces to practice without fretting too much about your surroundings. Before you start the car, see if it's static and hold the brake tight when turning the gears.

Ask For Help If You Need It

It's not easy to venture into driving with no help. So, having advice from a savvy driver is one of the most formative and helpful tips for first-time drivers. As the saying goes, two is a company, four is a party, and three is a crowd. One is a wanderer. Hence why you must have them as co-pilots. It may seem tedious, but this placement will help you stay on track.

Mirror, Mirror on the Car

Customizing the mirror's placement is a crucial part of driving. Thus, it's best to put them in use from the get-go. These reflective things are pretty helpful for measuring spaces to park the vehicle. They can also help you notice if more cars are near you.

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Learn Gear Positions

In most vehicles, gears go from 1 to 5 and feature neutral and reverse. With the car off, you can practice moving the gears. Try changing them and alternating them. For example:
  • Go from 1st to 2nd
  • Try going down to 1st again
  • After that, enter reverse, etc.
  • Don't forget to hold the clutch tight. This step will keep it from breaking the gearbox.

Don't Be Afraid to Get Creative

For example, you could try hand-over-hand steering. Let's break it down: If you only need to turn a little, spin the steering wheel in the direction you want to rotate. Make sure you feel comfortable with your hand placement. Hold the steering wheel on each side as if your hands are drawing an imaginary horizontal line. Loosen the grip of both hands to straighten the car after turning. You'll notice how the steering wheel will mechanically go back to its original place. If you want to reduce the speed at which it returns to its original position, apply less pressure.

Don't Be Naive behind the Wheel

Note that this is one of the truest tips for first-time drivers. Just because you mind your driving manners doesn't mean others will. If you see vehicles near you, remain calm and proceed with caution. Use all your senses to be conscious of what's going on on the road

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