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If you're looking for new ways to reduce your carbon footprint and control the smoke emissions coming out of the exhaust of the vehicle, Marland Enterprises has gathered a few recommendations, scroll down!

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Don't Underestimate the Effects of a Complete Upkeep, Especially When Performed on Time

If you are the kind of driver committed to the maintenance schedule of your vehicle, you might be aware that an oil change and other duties await after the car runs a certain distance. Though occasionally, some faults and tasks will show up, such as the replacement of the gasoline filter, cleansing, and greasing parts of the car to guarantee the correct operation of the motor and decrease the polluting emissions generated by the car.

It's Never Too Late, or Too Early, for Preventive Maintenance

This is one of the most significant points to reduce the polluting emissions of a vehicle. It's necessary to shed some light in the part of not leaving out any of the tips suggested in the car's maintenance guide, expressing the popular belief of changing oil twice a year, and replace the different filters, spark plugs, and cleaning injectors once a year; nothing is further from reality. It's crucial to create the habit of preventive maintenance to make sure everything is in order; especially if you want to become a more responsible driver.

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Don't Do Modifications That Increase Power

Yes, reprogrammings are considered as modifications; particularly those that lead the driver to change the fundamental parameters of the car's computer, such as the quantity of oxygen that comes through the acceleration body, the amount of fuel needed in the mixture during combustion, the variations of revolutions regimes in automatic gearboxes, and more features that enhance performance but will demand more consumption of fuel; which will eject more polluting emanations. Remember, low polluting emissions and extreme power of combustion are detrimental modifications in the long run and at the end of the day, modifications to augment the power of your vehicle will always produce higher polluting emissions.

Don't Overlook the Exhaust System

This one of the most important pieces of the vehicle, and notwithstanding this, still is one of the most underrated by the drives. Take special care of it and its upkeep, pay attention if you hear weird noises coming out it. You should observe this piece and run some checks often to scan for leaks, rusty sections, and always be aware of the color of the smoke expelled from the exhaust. Moreover, variations in the smell of gasoline is a sign of trouble, so you must take the vehicle immediately to The exhaust system is vital when it comes to keeping the polluting emissions of your car at an adequate level. Read your manual carefully to find out when you'll need to change the catalytic converters.

Why You Shouldn't Cold Start

Driving with a cold engine is another bad habit that you should break, it generates more wear on your car. Nowadays, modern vehicles can reach their best operating temperature in less than five minutes. But it's recommended to still wait a bit for the engine to heat up for at least one minute before you start driving.

Do it for a Greener Future

Being a "green" and responsible driver requires you to be more self-conscious of your actions and driving habits. You can improve the air quality just by minding a bit more about carbon dioxide emissions and other elements resulting from engine combustion. So, it's about time to make an effort to lower your vehicle's environmental impact and educate your loved ones about the subject so they can follow suit to generate a positive change.

Pamper Your Vehicle with the Best Synthetic Oil Change in Cazenovia

Don't forget to perform an oil change once in a while. With the help of AMSOIL Signature Series 5W-30 which extends the vehicle's life and outperforms the results of other brands.  To learn more about AMSOIL products and see how a regular synthetic oil change in Cazenovia can save you time and money, contact Marland Enterprises at (315) 727-4645 and get the assistance you need to improve the performance of your vehicle.

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