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It's probable that you've heard some synthetic oil myths going around. To make sure you know the truth, the following post by Marland Enterprises in Cazenovia will help you debunk those myths and put them to rest. 

Myths and fantasy stories can be incredibly fun: they open our minds to endless possibilities, worlds, and ways of viewing our realities. Moreover, when used wisely, myths can even teach us lessons and let us know of what precautions to take. However, it's important to understand that myths are jus that: myths. Many times, they're not grounded on any facts. That's why, when myths aren't used wisely, they can actually be hurtful. For that reason, in this post, we'll try to put some synthetic oil myths to rest, so you can know the truth and can make better decisions for your vehicles that are based on facts.

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The Truth Behind Synthetic Oil Stories

You Should Use Conventional Oil First

This first myth has a background story. In the past, engines did need conventional oil first in order to be broken in before you could use synthetic oil on them. However, times have changed. The new technologies have made it so that you can employ synthetic oil right from the get-go.

Synthetic Oil Isn't Natural

Next up, there's the ida that synthetic oil isn't natural at all, and that it's completely man-made. This is not true either. Synthetic oil and conventional oil both come from one main primary source: natural oil. The difference comes afterwards, since the natural oil goes through different processes to become either conventional or synthetic.

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It Can Cause Warranty Problems

This next myth surrounding synthetic oils is that its use can void the warranty on your vehicle. However, this is far from the truth, as many mechanics even recommend its use to maintain the engine in top shape. As long as you keep up with the manufacturer's requirements, you should have no problem with the warranty.

It Can Cause Cracks and Leaks

How could your oil cause cracks and leaks on your engine? It doesn't make any sense! As a matter of fact, if the engine is leaking, it's probably due to a problem with its seal or with its gasket. Synthetic oil may 'leak more' because it's thinner, meaning it's more likely to find the cracks in your vehicle's components. In any case, service your leaky engine promptly!

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You Can't Go Back

Another popular myth regarding synthetic oil is that you can't switch back to conventional oil once you use it. But, as you can probably guess, that is not the case at all. You can go back and forth between the two types of oils how many times you want. At the end of the day, you're free to make the decision you want to maintain your vehicle (just as long you comply to the manufacturer's requirements).

There's No Need to Change It

One of the many benefits of synthetic oil over conventional oil is that it's more resistant to harsh conditions, meaning that you don't have to replace it as frequently. Still, even if it is the case, you absolutely do need to change the oil, as it can thin out and get dirty, which could be damaging to your engine.

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No Need to Change the Filter

The oil filter is in charge of blocking gunk, dust, debris, and other type of filth and keeping it from entering the engine's inner systems and wreaking havoc on them. However, time and use can absolutely render it useless, regardless of whether you use synthetic or conventional oil. Be sure to change the oil filter every time you replace the oil.

Synthetic Oil is Pricey

Finally, there's the myth that synthetic oil is pricey. And while its market price is higher than that of conventional oil, if you think about it, it can save you money. First, synthetic oil doesn't need to be changed as often. Plus, it will provide better protection for your engine, meaning it will be better maintained. Lastly, a smoother well-maintained engine is less wasteful.

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