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Synthetic and Regular Oils

As an owner of a vehicle, you know that you need to maintain it properly to keep it performing well and to extend its lifespan. Part of this is choosing the right products to use on it. For instance, deciding between synthetic and regular oils can have a huge impact in your vehicle and its endurance in extreme temperatures. To learn more information on the difference between these two types of oils, continue reading.

Their Production

Let's start from the beginning: regular oils and synthetic oils aren't made in the same way. Regular oils are made from crude oils, which may lead to a contaminated product. On the other hand, synthetic oils are man-made from alcohol and gas, which means that there aren't any pollutants in them.

Their Effectiveness

For your oil to protect and lubricate your vehicle effectively, it needs to be able to withstand the extreme temperatures caused by the friction of the different components in the engine. Synthetic oil has a higher viscosity index, which means that it will be more resistant to those harsh conditions than regular oil.

Their Value

While regular oils are cheaper on the market, you'll find that using synthetic oils is the more sound investment. This is because synthetic oils last longer and protect your vehicle better, which means less money spent on changing them, and on maintenance costs for your vehicle.

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