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Even if you've done this job for a while, maneuvering a truck isn't something you can fully master due to the myriad of variables it entails. Therefore, MARLAND ENTERPRISES in Cazenovia shares some tips on truck maintenance.

One of the main points to upgrade your truck's maintenance is opting for quality formulas to keep it running strong. Call MARLAND ENTERPRISES at (315) 727-4645 and get the most reliable products for vehicle maintenance delivered to your doorstep.

First Things First

Driving a truck is probably one of the most complex jobs in the transportation and mobility industries. It takes miles and miles of experience behind the wheel to become an expert, and every time you hop on the vehicle, you are prone to encounter unforeseen factors once you head out on the road. So, most drivers are left to learn on the job and renew themselves each time they face something new. When you start driving trucks, you must create habits that will make your day more bearable and help you avoid embarrassing situations, putting your physical integrity, that of the people around you, and that of the vehicle at risk.

Check Your Trailer after Parking

It sounds simple, but it's not enough to verify that there are no lights on; remember, these can drain the vehicle's battery charge. In this regard, once you have parked the trailer and you are moving away from it, turn to see it to ensure that everything is in order.

Stick To the Truck’s Maintenance Schedule

It doesn't matter if your trailer is new or used. Making a schedule to record your trailer maintenance will help you make time to inspect and take care of all the aspects of the vehicle. This way, you can paddle around the trips you have to make and keep your trailer rolling many, indeed many, more miles.

Give Proper Maintenance to the Engine

A well-maintained engine will keep operating as a new one for longer. Don't forget always to schedule an oil change, as this will be the most crucial element to keep the truck's engine in good condition for longer. Also, changing your truck's oil will protect the engine parts, so your operating costs will be lower if you commit to the vehicle's maintenance.

Save time and money on your truck’s maintenance by using the most high-grade products to care for it. Call MARLAND ENTERPRISES at (315) 727-4645 or visit AMSOIL’s online shop to purchase the top-performing formulas to enhance your truck's performance.

Run a Couple of Inspections before Traveling

Suppose you have been asked for a job and you have to carry tons or liters of product. Before leaving and starting this business trip, you should inspect and ensure that everything is working as expected. The points to review are:
  • Suppose any maintenance of the trailer will intersect with the dates of the trip. If yes, do these upkeep measures before leaving.
  • Check the engine levels, both of the lubricating oil and antifreeze liquid.
  • Inspect the brakes.
  • Change tires if necessary.
  • Check the bands.
  • Carry spare tires, just in case.
  • Don't forget about hitches, valves.
  • Grease moving parts.
It's also essential to bring the parts and spare parts that may be necessary, such as bulbs, bands, and all the tools required to carry out simple repairs during the trip so that you can keep driving to the destination.

Don’t Veer Abruptly to Avoid an Animal

The laws of physics, especially inertia, are not child's play. When talking about a loaded trailer moving at high-speed miles per hour on a highway, the reactions and consequences of a severe imbalance can be catastrophic. So, please be mindful of the vehicle's movements when being behind the wheel.

Keep Your Eyes on the Road

One of the main leading causes of accidents on the highway is drivers taking their eyes off the road due to distraction or fatigue from long hours behind the wheel. To keep you from becoming a statistic, you better leave the phone aside and lower the radio's volume. Don't hesitate to stop in a safe place to rest a bit and recharge if you are tired.

Do Not Hesitate to Ask For Help

During your travels, you will be surrounded by many carriers like you, so if you have any questions or need help, the worst thing you can do is not ask your colleagues for help, directions, or guidance.

If your heavy-duty diesel motor needs new oil, try AMSOIL’s Heavy-Duty Synthetic Diesel Oil 15W-40 to upgrade the engine maintenance of your truck and keep it running strong for more time.

Remember that if you want more advice on how to take care of the engine of your trailer, do not hesitate to click here or call (315) 727-4645 to reach out to Synthetic Planet if you have any questions on how you could improve your the maintenance of your truck with the help of AMSOIL products.


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