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Learning to drive is not always easy so, this post by MARLAND ENTERPRISES in Cazenovia shares a couple of suggestions that will help you improve your driving habits and technique. Read on!

As you may have noticed, learning to drive it's quite a feat for some people, but in reality, it can be pretty subjective as well since it may come easy for others. In the end, many factors influence this skill's development that can range from age, temperament, instructor, and more; therefore, this post will delve into the specifics of driving and list some tips to learn how to drive and make this task less complicated for you.

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Get Familiar with the Car

Knowing and understanding the car you drive is fundamental as it allows you to feel in control and more protected inside the vehicle. This may be an obvious reminder, but you never know when this might come in handy so, it's essential to study each button and the dashboard's indicators to react correctly in the event of an accident. The driver must understand what each control is for, from the pedals (accelerator, brake, and clutch, if included), through the buttons on the steering wheel, the dashboard, and even the icons and information bulbs.

Sit Properly

Cars don't come in the same size. It's crucial to find the correct sitting position each time you hop on a different vehicle, especially if you'll be behind the steering wheel. Try to find one that allows you to grab the wheel well, step on the pedals and see the front and the mirrors without any struggle. A correct position will give you comfort and control when learning to drive. In fact, many experienced drivers don't use the right position, which often leads to accidents. Hence, the driver should always sit upright, with the back and buttocks on the seat in an angular position, preventing injury and back pain. It is said that the height of the seat should be such that your eyes are half the height of the windshield, in a position where the knees don't stretch too far when you step on the pedals fully.

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Avoid Distractions

Once you find yourself in the correct sitting position and with the technical knowledge to go on the road, you must avoid all distractions while driving. Keep your eyes and attention focused on the road or highway at all times, and that includes a "no texting while driving " warning.  It sounds sensible, and you hear this advice everywhere, but it also extends to eating or drinking behind the wheel.

Don't Play Music Loudly

Playing the music loudly while you drive is a potential distraction. Don't divert yourself trying to control the sound system. Also, if you take passengers with you, they must know that you're still learning, and it will help you focus if they remain silent during the ride.

Don't Forget to Keep Practicing

Practice makes perfect, and learning to drive one of the activities that require you to do it constantly to become more and more familiar with it, so you'll gradually overcome the nerves and anxiety that are so common when you're just learning to drive.

Keep Your Distance from Other Drivers

This driving suggestion applies to all drivers, but it will help those who are yet to master this skill. Maintaining a distance with the vehicle ahead of yours will allow you to have more time to react in case of unforeseen events.

Lastly, Keep Calm

Learning to drive can cause nervousness and anxiety as this activity involves a lot of responsibility. But despite the nerves or fear that you might be experiencing, the most advisable thing is to remain calm, take preventive actions, and feel sure of everything you've learned, and trust yourself.

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