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Keeping your car's engine clean is vital to prevent unforeseen breakdowns and ensure it works as it should. Read this article by MARLAND ENTERPRISES and learn how to clean your engine.

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A clean engine will give you the certainty of correct vehicle operation and extend your engine's lifespan. So, as a car owner, taking care of your vehicle must be a priority. Taking care of your car's appearance won't be enough to sustain it. Though, giving a thorough cleaning and maintenance is the best way to ensure your vehicle's wellbeing. The best way to take care of your car is by giving your engine a complete cleaning treatment.

Cool the Engine

Before starting your cleaning routine, it's necessary to ensure that the engine has the correct temperature. If your car was running beforehand, lift the hood and let it cool for 20 minutes. Working on a hot engine can lead you to get burn. Also, hot engine parts can get damaged when sprinkled with cool water due to quick contractions. Further down the cleaning process, you must cover numerous electrical elements with plastic to shield them. Doing this step with a heated engine can lead the plastic to melt.

Remove Dirt

Now that the engine has cooled down, it's time to remove any plastic covers. This is crucial to ensure you reach all parts of your engine. You can wash the plastic covets separately. Now, think about what you want to do with your battery. Many people choose to remove the battery before they start cleaning. However, you can perfectly clean your engine without having to remove the battery. What you do need to do is to remove the negative terminal of the battery. This will help prevent electrical components from getting damaged.

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Scrub All the Dirt Away

It's time to scrub. To start the scrubbing process, take a small brush with synthetic bristles. Look for any dirt, caked-on oil, grime, or oil deposits. These deposits form on all engines over time. All dirt and oil should be easily removed thanks to the degreaser. If necessary, spray more degreaser on the engine. Wear eye gear and gloves as a preventive measure. This will help you to avoid extended contact with the degreaser on your skin.

Rinse the Engine

It's time to rinse the engine. All you need to rinse your engine is a standard power hose. Avoid utilizing a high-pressure hose to wash as you could likely penetrate the plastic you used to protect the sensitive electrical components. Also, it could lead to wires getting disconnected. Start rinsing from the back and work your way to the front. Don't forget to get rid of all the dirt as well as the remaining degreaser. If you notice that your engine is still dirty, spray more degreaser and repeat the process.

Dry Everything

Now it's time to dry your engine. You can dry your engine by taking a rag or towel and wiping. Otherwise, use compressed air if it's available to you. Make sure you get to all nooks and hard-to-reach places of your engine. If you notice any dirt or grime left, wipe it off thoroughly.

Protect your engine by switching to synthetic oil formulas and experience their benefits firsthand. If you want to learn more about additives that boost engine performance, or you need more advice on how to keep your engine spotless, don't be shy and talk to a professional at MARLAND ENTERPRISES. Feel free to ask questions and request more information on the benefits of a synthetic oil change in Cazenovia. Also, don't forget to stop by their online store or call (315) 727-4645 and place your order.

Learn about products like AMSOIL's Signature Series 0W-20 Synthetic Motor Oil that will keep your engine protected while regulating extreme temperatures inside the vehicle.


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