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The brake system is one of the most vital components in a car when it comes to safety, and it's necessary to maintain it regularly. This post by Marland Enterprises will help you upgrade your brakes' upkeep.

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Brakes Need Constant Upkeep

Since friction elements are prone to wear and tear, brake discs and pads need regular service and replacement to work appropriately. Friction deteriorates pieces like the brake pads and discs with each braking motion, and it'll be reasonable to maintain them in shape and replace them in due time to keep them from aggravating other pieces in the brake system.

Change Brake Discs and Pads

Usually, brake pads have an indicator that will let you know their life usage, while discs indicate the minimum thickness of the braking band. The usual metric to perform a brake check-up is between every 9 thousand to 12 thousand miles.  However, you must take the car to the mechanic as soon as you feel any vibration.

Install Good Brake Pads and Discs

These are the brake system's main pieces, but unfortunately, they have a short life usage so, it's essential to change them before they reach their wear limit. Besides, you should always ensure your technician places quality pads in the car.

If You See the Following Signs, Discs and Pads Have Deteriorated

  • Noises while braking
  • You notice vibrations
  • The presence of profound, orbicular lines or spiral cracks in the braking band
  • Constant overheating
In some instances, the brake fluid level will give some hints about the state of the discs and pads. It’ll be beneficial to examine the liquid from time to time.

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Know the Different Brake Types

  • Drum brakes: this device was initially launched in the 1960s but was ultimately replaced by drum brakes. The principal problem with this kind of disc was its minimum cooling capacity, and its upkeep and installment are more intricate. The stopping capacity is more abrupt, which can be a lot riskier if the car tips over. Nevertheless, drum brakes are very useful and less prone to wear than other brake types.
  • Disc brakes: These pieces cool down more quickly. Also, their braking is more stable and efficient. It should be said that they'll wear down quicker than drum brakes and are prone to crack, rust, or twist due to dust and humidity.

Upgrade Brake Maintenance with These Suggestions

As mentioned above, you need to worry about the quality of the parts installed in the car, check the braking mechanisms' state frequently, and the brake fluid you want to use. Also, driving at a safe speed will have a softer impact on the brake system. If you notice one of the following irregularities, please take your car to a professional workshop for an accurate diagnosis and get it serviced:
  • Vibrations or tremors when stepping on the brake
  • Screechy sounds when stopping
These signs could indicate something is wrong with the brake system, and you should take action as soon as possible to prevent further damage.

Try Other Methods to Minimize Wear

It will be more beneficial to hit the pedal firmly at the beginning and release it gradually to push it for a more extended time. This motion is applied in sports driving and makes braking more powerful and practical while keeping the brake system from extensive wear and overheating. Yes, it would be best if you took advantage of the emergency brake whenever you need it. But, decreasing the speed by engaging a lower gear will protect the brakes whenever you need to stop the car, which will eventually lengthen its elements' life by minimizing wear.

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