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If you own a snowmobile and are excited to ride it again this winter, read this post by Marland Enterprises in Cazenovia to learn how to get it ready after it's been in storage.

How to Prepare Your Snowmobile for the First Ride of the Season

When you ride a snowmobile, you get a thrill like no other. That's why it's exciting that winter and snowmobile riding season are getting closer and closer. Before you hop on your vehicle, however, you should follow the tips below to ensure it's ready to give you safe, enjoyable rides after it's been in storage for a few months.

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Go Through the Owner's Manual

Before you even take the tarp off the snowmobile, you should take some time to go over the owner's manual once more. After all, it's been a few months since you used it last. Taking a look through the manual will remind you of how to ride it smoothly, and it may even give you tips on how to get it working after it's been in disuse for a while.

Clean It Up

You should never store your snowmobile dirty, as the filth can eat away at it while it's in storage. However, even if you do a good job at cleaning it thoroughly before putting it away, it's recommended that you clean it up once more before you begin riding it, since it's likely dust accumulated on it. As you're cleaning it, be sure to check the exhaust pipe for any small animals that could have made it their home.

Consider the Snowmobile's Fuel

A question you should ask yourself before riding your snowmobile once more is: did I use a fuel stabilizer before putting it away? This is extremely important, since unused fuel can get stale, and cause damage on the snowmobile's components. If you did use a fuel stabilizer, you should be able to ride without a problem. If you didn't, however, empty the tank and fill it up with new gas to avoid mishaps. In any case, be sure to verify that the fuel system works correctly.

Change the Synthetic Oil

The synthetic oil in your snowmobile has the crucial job of coating the engine's moving parts, reducing their friction, preventing wear and tear on them, and smoothing out their processes. That's why it's imperative that you change the synthetic oil in the snowmobile if you want to guarantee that you'll have thrilling, smooth rides this season.

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Take a Look at the Rest of Its Fluids

The importance of the synthetic oil and its replacements can't be overstated. Still, it isn't the only fluid in the snowmobile that needs to be checked. You should also have a look at the snowmobile's brake fluid, injection oil, coolant, chain case oil, and more to ensure their condition and levels are where they need to be. If something's off, replace them before riding again.

Check Its Components

The components in your snowmobile could have endured some damage, even if they weren't used for months. That's why, to have a safe ride, you should first check its components (like the spark plug, the tracks, the filters, the skies, the shocks, the clutch, the lights, the belt, and more). Only ride if you can verify that everything is in perfect working condition. If it isn't, fix it promptly.

Inspect Your Riding Gear

When you're on your snowmobile, you're facing the harsh weather conditions. Plus, your body is at the mercy of the circumstances. For that reason, it is necessary that you inspect your riding gear so you can remain safe and warm. Take a look at your gloves, helmet, jacket, and goggles before riding.

Take It for a Test Drive

You may think that after inspecting its components, changing its fluids, and reading your owner's manual, you're ready to go. However, you should first take your snowmobile for a short test drive to see if there are any issues. If there are, get them fixed before riding again.

Go to a Professional Mechanic

If you want to be 100% sure that your snowmobile won't give you any trouble this season, go to a professional mechanic. Their expertise will allow them to examine the vehicle accurately and provide any fine-tunes it may need.

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