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With temperatures steadily rising, and the autumn months so far away in the distance still, we have no other choice but to accept our fate and prepare for the consequences of such extreme heat. To that end, we suggest that you learn how you can cool an overheated vehicle down, just in case it happens to you this summer. 

How to Cool an Overheated Vehicle Down with Help from the Synthetic Oil Experts in Dewitt

Start By Being Prepared for the Situation

As with any other situation, being prepared for an overheated engine is the best way to ensure that you'll come out of the struggle victorious. To that end, you should remember to always, always keep a bottle of coolant in your vehicle (especially now that the temperature outside is rising and shows no signs of stopping). That bottle of coolant can be a lifesaver if your engine is getting a little too hot, so don't forget about it. Nonetheless, if you want to avoid having to deal with an extremely hot vehicle, what you can do is take care of it properly: provide the necessary maintenance, take it to a mechanic regularly, and give it regular synthetic oil changes so it can cruise through these hot days good as new.  

Look for Signs and Act Accordingly

If you can sense that the weather outside is especially extreme, if your vehicle starts acting unusual (struggling, making noises, heavy, etc.), or if the temperature gauge in your dashboard is indicating that the engine is becoming hotter, then it's time to take certain preventive measures that can hopefully help lower your vehicle's temperature and keep it going. For starters, you should shut your AC system down (in case it's on), and allow fresh air to enter through your windows. If that doesn't help, you'll have to blast the heater so that the hot air has a chance to escape the engine. Follow these simple measures for a few minutes and hope for the best!

Relax While You're in Traffic

In some situations, you won't have the opportunity to park on the side of the road to help your vehicle cool down. If you ever find yourself in this stressful scenario, for example, if you're stuck in a traffic jam, know that there are a few other ways in which you can help your engine relax and bring its temperature down. For instance, you can change your vehicle's gear to "Neutral" to let the engine calm down. If you must keep moving, advance at a slow and steady speed with which you don't have to push the pedals or brakes too often. In most cases, the engine overheats because it's under too much stress (in addition to the hot weather), which is why these two strategies can help. Ensure that your engine is properly taken care of so that it can face extreme conditions better. To that end, provide regular synthetic oil changes that can keep it protected and lubricated. Contact Marland Enterprises in Dewitt at (315) 727-4645 to acquire the best synthetic oil in Dewitt for your engine.

Work on Getting Your Engine Back to Normal

If your vehicle has overheated, search for a place where you can stop right away! If you don't, you risk it shutting down on the road and causing an accident or another serious mishap. Once you've gotten to somewhere you can stop, park your vehicle and turn it off completely so it can rest and bring its temperature down. You should also pop the hood of the car open, so air can get to the engine, ventilate it, and help it cool down faster. However, before you start inspecting your engine, or the other components under the hood, keep in mind that they will be boiling hot, so wait for around half an hour to move to the following step. Once the time has passed and the engine is cooler, it is time to use the bottle of coolant you were keeping in your vehicle! But first, check the reservoir to see if it's empty. If you notice it is, then you can start pouring coolant into it so you can get your vehicle back to normal. However, before you carry on with your day-to-day life, take your vehicle to a mechanic just to be on the safe side.

Keep Your Engine in Top Shape with the Highest Quality Synthetic Oil in Dewitt

Contact Marland Enterprises in Dewitt if you want to give your engine a well-deserved synthetic oil change so it can continue performing as smoothly and strong as ever. Call (315) 727-4645 for more information on AMSOIL products, or browse the online store to acquire the most effective synthetic oil in Dewitt.

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