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To ensure your vehicle will be able to withstand the harsh conditions of the colder months, you will need to learn how to protect it. To that end, read this post by Marland Enterprises in Cazenovia

How to Protect Your Vehicle From the Colder Weather

While the cold weather can be a nice change of pace from the annoyingly hot summer days, they can be pretty harsh as well. That's why you should take certain measures if you want to keep your vehicle in mint shape throughout these new conditions. To that end, you should read and follow mentioned in this post.

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Keep the Tires in Good Shape

As the weather starts to lower, the cold will cause the tires in your vehicle to contract. This change in shape can damage them and deflate them, which is not what you want. Moreover, during the fall and winter, it's likely your tires will have to cruise through dead leaves and snow, which can make the roads slippery. To remain safe, ensure the tires will be able to roll perfectly even in this new panorama.

Inspect the Wipers and Lights

It should go without saying that good vision is a must whenever you're driving. Unfortunately, during the colder months, the days are shorter and darker. Not only that, but the snow and fog can also make it more difficult to see. To keep your vision from being compromised during this time of the year, inspect the wipers and lights thoroughly. If needed, replace them to keep your vehicle working perfectly.

Verify that the AC System Works

The weather during the fall and winter months can get pretty harsh. That's why, lest you want to freeze in your vehicle while you're driving, you should verify that the AC system works effectively. Doing so will ensure you'll be able to stay warm while you're out and about. Plus, it will also guarantee that the "defrost" option will work as expected, which can also interfere with your range of vision.

Mind the Vehicle's Fluids

While being stranded on the side of the road is never fun, it can be especially irritating and troublesome when the temperature is freezing cold. To avoid that situation altogether, you need to verify that everything in your vehicle works. This includes having its fluids looked at (like the synthetic oil or coolant), which can be affected by the cold. Be sure to replace or refill them as needed.

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Get the Battery Checked

The colder conditions can also wreak a bit of havoc on your vehicle's battery. As you know, it is responsible for powering a slew of different components in your vehicle, which is why you literally can't go without it. To ensure you don't have to, get the battery checked (including its cables and spark plugs). Also, check for signs of issues (such as corrosion). Replace it if the situation calls for it.

Refrain From Warming the Engine

In the past, you were supposed to warm up carbureted engines when the temperatures were low. However, that is not necessary (lest you drive a carbureted engine), and it may even harm your vehicle. According to Popular Mechanics, the best thing to do is start out slow with your vehicle for the first 15 minutes (avoid speeding right away), so as to not burden the engine with extra stress.

Fill Up the Gas Tank

Among the many effects the chillier conditions can have on your vehicle, is the fact that it can also change the fuel's consistency. As you're aware, your vehicle needs gas in order to run, which is why it is especially important that you keep the gas tank as full as possible when the fall or winter seasons are here.

Have a Professional Evaluate the Vehicle

You should be taking your vehicle to a professional mechanic at least twice a year to make sure that everything is working as expected. Still, it is a good idea to take it in when the colder weather comes around since it can change how your vehicle operates. Take your vehicle to a mechanic so they can look at it and repair what needs repairing.

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