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Keeping Your Diesel at Peak Performance

As with any engine, the key to longer-lasting, improved diesel performance is maintenance. Diesels do not need the ignition tune-ups and high-cost repairs that normal engines do, but they do require frequent attention for best results. Here are the key chores you should conduct on your diesel.

Cooling & Air Systems

Your diesel runs at much higher temperatures than a gasoline motor, so the cooling and air systems are that much more vital to operation. An overheated diesel engine means serious trouble, so check your coolant level regularly and do not ignore the warning systems on your dashboard. Make sure to clean or replace your air filter to ensure unobstructed air flow.

Gaskets & Seals

You may notice that diesel engines shake a lot. This trait is less pronounced in newer diesel engines, but it still holds true for older models. All that movement can cause parts to shift and dislodge. Check to make sure that gaskets and seals are still tight to identify and repair fluid leaks early.


Diesel fuel contains a number of contaminants and acidic components that wear on your engine. Filters and additives capture these particles and keep them from gumming up the works. Replace your oil and fuel filters regularly. Many diesels have two fuel filters, so be sure to check them both.

Synthetic Oil

Synthetic oil maintains its viscosity at the high temperatures of a diesel engine where conventional oil often breaks down. AMSOIL synthetic oil also contains alkaline additives that neutralize the acidic components of diesel fuel. For your diesel, synthetic oil better protects your engine and improves performance.

For Synthetic Oil in Syracuse

At Marland Enterprises in Syracuse, we have the synthetic oil, filters, and additives you need to best protect your diesel engine. Give us a call at 315-727-4645 or shop our full line of products at our online store.

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