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Don't forget to wash and disinfect your car! This post by MARLAND ENTERPRISES in Cazenovia has included different options and suggestions to help you keep your vehicle radiant and shiny. Keep scrolling and take notes!

Are you into washing your own car with your own hands? Good. Not many drivers trust their vehicles to auto washes, and with the following tips, you'll be washing your car like a pro in no time!

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The Market has Changed

New car cleaning products and methods have surfaced in recent years, formulated specifically for leather, clothing, rugs, paints, and glass. While the time of silicone wax and protective foams gave way to polishes, moistening factors for plastics, and potent shampoos to the public. These products used to be exclusively used by cleaning professionals.

Keep Washing Your Vehicle Out of the Sun

By no means wash your car under the sun as the extreme heat evaporates the products quite swiftly, restricting their performance, and because the heat modifies the properties, paint, crystals, and products. Throwing ice-cold water to a windshield that has been in the sun for a long time could even crash it, or a sudden temperature change could prevent the wax from doing its job. The most advisable thing is to wash the car with products with some Teflon or protective wax. Consider an excellent preventative bodywork treatment to protect it from the rains so your vehicle will be well protected and retain its natural shine.

Use Two Pots Filled with Water

When you wash the car, keep a couple of water buckets closely; One with shampoo and the other with water only. Dip the cloth or sponge into the mix and when you are done, dip it in the water bucket so the dirt will remain in the pail, and you won't take it back to the shampoo.

Refrain From Using the Same Rag to Dry and Wax

Organize your microfibers and rags. Don't make the mistake of using the same cloth to dry and then to wax. It's advised to use microfiber materials and wipers, which are much gentle with paint, and don't even think of using household cotton towels or kitchen sponges. When it comes to your vehicle, resort to microfiber cloths only. Also, if your car looks messy, try to wash it with abundant water prior to using shampoo and soap.

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Clean the Cabin with the Appropriate Formula

Some soapy formulas, like shampoo, are not suitable for cleaning the inside of a car. Aside from leaving the greasy and oily formulas, know that the heat will dry them quickly. Now, there are functional brands and products that are used to spray these protective additives that contain wetting properties, as well as UV filters that will keep your console from heating or the paint from decaying, giving it a real shine sans greasy debris.

Choose a Product to Begin Disinfecting

First, you must select the right products to wash each part and specific areas of your car. The following tips can give you an idea depending on the surface you're looking to clean:
  • For leather: use neutral soap and purified water. Also, dry as quickly as possible with a padding motion.
  • For plastic and fiberglass: customize a solution of 1/10 of chlorine in 9/10 of water.
  • For vinyl: use lukewarm foamy water, always dry with a clean cloth, and don't let the material soak up the water.
  • For glass and the vehicle's exterior: you can use regular car soap that makes enough foam but be mindful when you dry the surface.

Always Clean High Contact Points

The following are high contact points that are inclined to collect dirt and germs. Keep an eye on:
  • The Steering wheel
  • Board
  • Gear lever
  • Stereo
  • Buttons for electric windows or failing manual lifts
  • Locking and opening handles
  • Rearview mirrors
  • Electric lighter
  • The car's glasses and keys

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