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Now that summer is here, riding on a personal watercraft is an awesome way to spend the day. To do it safely, however, follow the tips in this post by Marland Enterprises in Cazenovia.

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How to Have Safe and Enjoyable Rides on a Personal Watercraft

Get Ready for the Ride

As with anything in life, the more prepared you are to face a situation, the more probable it is that you'll be able to get through t effectively. That's why, if you're going for a ride on a personal watercraft, you should read the owner's manual, take classes, and more, so you can learn how to control the marine engine.

Always Ride with a Life Jacket On

It doesn't matter how calm the water is, how good you are at riding the vehicle, how well you can swim, or anything else, always, always, always wear your life jacket when you're driving. An accident can occur where you fall over, and wearing a life jacket can be the one thing that can keep you from going under, so never ride without it. If you have passengers with you, they should wear one, too.

Follow the Rules

Something you may not know about is that riding on water has certain rules, just as driving on land has traffic rules, too. To ride safely, you should follow said rules to a T. For example, you should be aware of and use certain navigation signs. You should also exceed the number of passengers for the personal watercraft you're riding.

Don't Ride Under the Influence

Being high or drunk can numb your senses, slow down your response time, cloud your judgement, and make you lose control of your body. None of these conditions are great if you're planning on riding a marine engine. To avoid a potentially fatal accident, do not drive or operate a personal watercraft if you're under the influence.

Keep the Watercraft in Mint Condition

Needless to say, the watercraft you ride on should be in proper condition, so you can have a smooth, safe, and enjoyable ride. Make sure to take it to the mechanic before you ride (especially if you've kept it in storage for a couple of months). A professional will assess its condition correctly and fine-tune any areas that need it.

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Do a Quick Inspection BeforeRiding

An important part of the preparation process you should go through before you go off on the watercraft is doing a quick inspection on it. Even if you've taken the vehicle to a mechanic, inspecting it can help you guarantee that all of the main components are working appropriately. This will help you have more enjoyable rides on your personal watercraft.

Know How to React to Other Vessels

More often than not, you'll find other vessels in the body of water you're cruising to. In order to prevent a horrible disaster, you need to know how to react to them accordingly. If you're riding near a larger boat, let it pass you and stay at a safe distance from it. It's strongly advised that you look more into this subject so that you can remain safe when interacting with others.

Have Some Safety Tools Handy

As mentioned above, being prepared for a situation can help you handle it in the best way possible. For that reason, you need to ride with some safety tools with you, so you can take care of emergency situations that could arise while you're out and about. For instance, a whistle, a first-aid kit, a communication device, a flashlight, and water can be crucial in an emergency.

Use Your Common Sense When Riding

There are a ton of other safety tips that you should put into good use if you'll be going for a ride on a personal watercraft. Still, all of them can boil down to: use your common sense. This will keep you from speeding, doing stunts, riding when the weather isn't great, and other similar situations that could put your well-being (and that of your passengers) in peril.

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