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The use of motorcycles is increasingly popular, hence the need for bikers to know beforehand how to prevent accidents and avoid damage to their vehicles. Keep reading these tips by Marland Enterprises in Cazenovia to learn more!

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You must know that the protective equipment that a biker must use depends directly on the type of motorcycling the rider performs. That's the reason why different sources might address this topic in a broad approach.

Head First

Head protection is paramount. The size of the helmet is essential since it must be just right so that the helmet meets the required safety specifications and takes care of your head at all times.

Choose a Pair of Gloves for Bikers

One of the most common accidents in cities with motorcycles is when the handlebar hits a mirror or when the bikers fall. The driver puts out their hands to minimize the fall's impact and have severe injuries due to their harsh contact against the ground. It's best to use gloves to avoid this and prevent any damage. Grab a pair that offers a certain degree of protection in addition to stiff sections that will protect you against falls and bumps.

The Motorcycle Jacket

Although many people don't love the idea of ​​wearing a jacket all the time, this item is indispensable since jackets have protective equipment that helps reduce the risks or consequences of an injury in the event of an accident. The protections must also have a CE certification, which means that the elements are tested and approved according to European Standards and work up to specific forces. Those of level 1, up to 24 KN of power, and those of level 2, up to 12.

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The Boots

Motorcycle boots represent not only protection for the feet against bumps and scrapes, but they also prevent the bikers from getting burned if they get too close to the motorbike's engine. Ensure the protection of the jacket and boots have a CE certification and a different level of protection for each of the activities you do for the motorcycle. Make sure yours are correct.

Motorcycle Pants

If you are going to go out on the road, pants become an essential element of protection. Be mindful when it comes to jeans. They pose a problem in the event of a fall as they are made of cotton.

Avoid Dirt in the Cooling System of your Motorcycle

The entire cooling system of the motorcycle is made up of water, so its exposure to humidity inside and out is constant. By using the correct antifreeze, you ensure that the cooling system has interior protection.

Antifreeze Has the Following Benefits in Addition to Controlling the Temperature of the Motorcycle's Engine:

  • It offers maximum engine protection under any condition or climate, no matter if the vehicle is enduring extreme temperatures.
  • The antifreeze contains additives in its formula that protect all metal and plastic surfaces in the bike's cooling system.
  • Its formulation ensures the correct operation of the two-wheeler and prevents damage to the water pump and cooling chambers.

How Does Rust Form in the Cooling System?

In some places where water accumulates and is not filtered correctly, rust and flakes may form, which will end up causing corrosion in the metals and the hoses. The sections prone to be affected are metal clamps at the junction between the hoses and the aluminum conductors or the radiator elbows. These are generally made of non-adonized metals, so oxidation is more likely to begin there, facilitating corrosion in the rest of the system. Lastly, a severe problem to be wary of happens when these dust particles get into the radiator and plug the system, causing permanent failure. The accumulated rust generates a scale that will destroy the aluminum.

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