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Winter brings low temperatures, rain, and poor visibility, but you can continue using the motorcycle if you consider the following tips by Marland Enterprises in Cazenovia. Scroll down to find out more!

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The Maintenance of a Motorcycle Is Simple. But in Winter, Things Can Be Complicated Due to Unfavorable Weather

This post explains how to prevent and solve the problems linked to motorcycle maintenance during the coldest season of the year. If you have to park it out in the open, the ideal is to shelter it with a waterproof cover, and even if the bike is kept in the garage, it's advisable to cover it with a tarp that protects it from dust and dirt. Furthermore, brake fluid is hydrophilic; this means it has an affinity for water and tends to run down. This humidity, when heated, causes bubbles that disturb the excellent feel of the controls. Thus, before starting the motorcycle, make sure that the braking circuits maintain their pressure. Some motorcycle elements will require more commitment from you during the winter season as cold and wet weather can rust certain motorcycle parts faster.

Start It Periodically to Avoid Condensation

Although it's advisable to start the engine little by little during this season, it's nevertheless harmful to have it idle for a long time, and it also warms up tires and brakes when in motion.

Don't Do It with Dangerous Sharp Turns.

The oscillations or rocking motions that motorbike riders do in the races' warm-up laps are made to gain confidence. An amusing fact is that due to the superficial layer of "wax" of the new tires, these laps became a habit because they needed to melt it off while warming up the tires.

Be Careful with The Tires

The tires take temperature through significant acceleration and progressive cornering friction. In the winter, water and dirt are prone to be accumulated on the asphalt, and it's also necessary to take extreme care and maintenance of the chain.

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Come Up with Your Cautionary Habits

Besides looking up the forecast before leaving the house, here are listed a few tips so that low temperatures don't pose any hazards, neither for you nor for your motorcycle.

The Salt of the Roads

The advice will be the same if you use the motorcycle in areas near the sea. Salt dramatically accelerates some parts of the motorcycle's oxidation, so you must wash it immediately after riding the "salty" asphalt and if you park it near the beach. Low winter temperatures can cause frost on the road, and salt is used to prevent frostbite. Everything will depend on where you live or where you are going, but if this winter road treatment is used in your area, ​ you should exercise extreme caution. On the one hand, an excessive amount of salt on the road can decrease your grip on the asphalt, and it can be dangerous if this were to happen in a cornering area. On the other hand, salt becomes a highly corrosive element for your motorcycle. If you are not careful to wash and clean it periodically, it can seriously damage several of its components.

Tire Temperature

When temperatures drop, you have to keep in mind that the motorcycle elements don't respond as expected in extreme hot and cold temperatures. A tire needs a specific temperature to grip properly, and in winter, they take a long time to reach those optimum performance levels. The asphalt is extra cold and doesn't help the tire warm-up, increasing its degrees through friction. To avoid an unpleasant situation, during the first minutes of riding, be gentle with your movements, don't throw the motorcycle abruptly in the curves, and wait for its temperature to rise before forcing it more than necessary. Of course, and as always, make sure the pressure levels are correct. Be careful with sports tires in winter. Please stay away from them!

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