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Driving at night is a dangerous, but sometimes, necessary activity. If you want to be sure that you'll stay safe while you do it, follow the tips in this post by Marland Enterprises in Cazenovia.

How to Stay Safe While Driving at Night

Here's some scary information: the National Safety Council states that even though we only do 1/4 of our driving at night, half of all traffic deaths happen at that time. For that reason, it is imperative that you do what's in your power to remain safe whenever you have to drive once the sun goes down. To help you out in this respect, this post has gathered a few tips that you can put to good use to that end.

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Keep Your Eyes Open

In order to remain safe while you drive, you need to be able to see the road before you. Unfortunately, this can be increasingly difficult during the nighttime. To make sure you don't get into a wreck due to a lack of visibility, you will need to take some steps. For starters, wear your eyeglasses if you need them to see. Other than that, inspect your windshield, its  wipers, and your headlights to guarantee that you'll be able to see while you're out on the road in the dark.

Use Your Lights Wisely

Since it's dark outside, you need to employ the light features in your vehicle wisely to remain as safe as possible. For example, while you use your headlights to see, you should also use them to be seen when you're driving. You should also employ your blinkers and hazard lights to indicate your situation to other nighttime drivers. Just be careful when operating your high beams, though, as shining them in someone's eyes can blind them and cause a mishap, so don't overuse them.

Don't Be Blinded By Lights

Continuing with the importance of vision while driving, you should try not to get blinded by the bright lights that other vehicles are emitting. For example, if you're driving and there's a very bright light source in front of you, do your best to look away. Focus on the fluorescent lights along the road to guide your way. If, however, the light source is behind you, there's a special setting in your rearview mirror that will help you reduce the glare from it.

Be Prepared

Being stranded is never an ideal situation. However, said situation can be made much more dangerous if it happens at nighttime. That's why you need to take some measures to prepare for such an occurrence. For starters, go to a mechanic who can lessen the probability of your vehicle malfunctioning. Likewise, keep an emergency kit in your vehicle, so you can turn to it and remain as safe as possible if an unforeseen circumstance presents itself.

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Be the Best Driver

You should always try your best to drive responsibly, no matter what time of day it is. However, when you drive at night, you face new challenges (drunk drivers, poor visibility, drowsy driving, and more). That's why you should make an extra effort to drive perfectly. For starters, slow down since the poor lighting situation doesn't allow you to see what's in front of you properly. Likewise, avoid getting distracted at all costs: keep your focus on the road so you can react appropriately to the changing situations on it. Finally, try defensive driving so you can anticipate the conditions on the road.

Avoid Drowsy Driving

Finally, you're also at risk when driving at night because you may begin to feel tired after some time. If you do, however, you should stop to rest. This is because, when you drive while tired, your response time, your judgement, and your senses don't work the same. You should even avoid trusting in caffeine or sugar to keep you up. What you need is to stop to rest, or to have someone else take the wheel for you. This will help you remain in one piece for another day.

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