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Sunny days are nice, but they can also be dangerous to drive in. To keep yourself safe during sunny day driving, follow the tips in this post by Marland Enterprises in Cazenovia.

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How to Drive Safely on a Sunny Day

Shield Yourself From the Sun

During the extremely sunny days, you are much more at the mercy of the sun rays and the dangers they can cause (for example, skin cancer). That's why you need to try your best to stay as protected as possible if you'll be out in the sun (even if you're inside the vehicle). To that end, ear enough sunscreen, cover yourself up with sunglasses, hats, long sleeves and gloves, and use the vehicle's visor to protect your face and sight.

Stay Hydrated

While skin cancer is probable the most serious condition you could contract when sunny day driving, it isn't the only one you should look out for. If the sun hits you hard, you could end up a victim of insolation and dehydration. If you sweat a lot, it's necessary that you keep a bottle of water in your vehicle, so you can drink from it constantly. If you're already feeling the symptoms of dehydration (dizziness and nausea), you should drink more water and visit a doctor.

Care for Your Vehicle Properly

You're not the only one that needs protecting when the intensely sunny days hit. In fact, your vehicle can also suffer from them, which is why you need to care for it properly. For one, the extreme temperatures can cause it to overheat more easily. The tires can also under-perform due to their contact with the scorching road. To guarantee your vehicle will be able to endure these harsh conditions, take it to a mechanic that can assess its condition and provide the necessary fixes.

Clean Your Vehicle Regularly

Aside from keeping your vehicle's insides in great condition, you also need to take care of its exterior. This is because, believe it or not, your vehicle's cleanliness could also have influence in how safely you drive in particularly bright days. As you know, dust and other gunk (like bird poop) can accumulate on your vehicle if you don't wash it regularly. If they cover your windshield and the sun hits that gunk, you'll be blinded by the glare, which can be very dangerous.

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Do Not Engage in Road Rage

If you've ever experienced road rage, you know how dangerous it can be. It's this feeling of absolute anger that can cause you to make serious mistakes when you're behind the wheel. Unfortunately, the instances of road rage can increment due to the annoyance of the intense heat. To ensure you won't fall victim of road rage, do not engage in it: keep a relaxing environment inside your vehicle, practice breathing techniques, and use other similar methods to remain as calm as possible.

Drive at a Gentler Time

Needless to say, this next tip isn't always doable, as it encourages you to try driving at a time in which the sun isn't at harsh. As you know, the sun is at its peak between 11 am and 6 pm. Not driving at this time may mean you'll stay safe from the dangers of sunny day driving. That's why, whenever you can, opt for running your errands before or after that time span.

Don't Get Blinded

Of course, if you're driving around, being able to see is an absolute must. Still, this can be harder to do when it's really sunny outside. Not only can the rays get in your way, but they can bounce off of other vehicles, windows, and other shiny surfaces and blind you. To prevent that, use your visor and sunglasses to protect your vision, and avoid looking at the sources of the glare directly. Use the lines that delineate the road to guide you.

Keep Your Distance

As a final tip, simply keep your distance from the vehicles, people, and objects around. This way, if you are blinded by the glare, you have enough time to react and come to a full stop before hitting them.

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