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The temperatures may be lowering, but why should they stop you from spending an enjoyable time on your boat? If you want to relish in the joys of boating during the winter season, read this post first so you can remain safe while you're at it.

How to Stay Safe on Your Boat During Winter

Prioritize Warmth and Safety in Your Clothing

When the weather conditions outside are frightful, you should retain as much heat as you can near your body. If you'll be heading out on the water, this means wearing waterproof gear that can also help you stay warm. Moreover, you and your passengers should wear a life jacket, so you can be as safe as you can in the event of you falling in the water. Likewise, make sure that you all have a change of clothes in case it's needed.  

Have a Fully Equipped Emergency Kit

Emergencies can happen whenever, wherever. To ensure they don't catch you off guard, remember to keep a fully equipped emergency kit in your boat. It should contain a fire extinguisher, water, food, flares, a first aid kit, and other similar tools that can get you out of trouble. Since you're sailing during the winter season, it's also prudent to take a few warm blankets so you and your passengers don't get cold while navigating.

Check the Weather

How good or bad the weather is on the day you decide to boat can have a big impact on the kind of experience you'll have. If you want to keep your boat outings on a positive note, be sure to check the weather beforehand, and to only head out if you know the conditions are appropriate for navigating. Snow, rain, or hail can make your experience dangerous, so don't risk it.

Create a Plan

While we're on the subject of avoiding and reacting correctly to dangerous situations, you should create a plan in case things turn south (for example, if a snowstorm catches you out on the water). For example, you should track your route to a T, stay in contact with others, create evacuation plans, designate safe spots, and know where to go.

Maintain Your Boat Perfectly

Your boat should always be in perfect condition if you'll be hitting the waves. Especially during this time of year, if your boat malfunctions, you could be in big trouble, since you could be stranded under freezing conditions. For that reason, it's extremely important that you take your boat for regular visits with a trusted, professional mechanic. They can assess its condition and fine-tune anything that needs fixing, so it works without trouble. Your boat's engine maintenance is crucial for its proper functioning. To feed it the best synthetic oil in the market, call Marland Enterprises in Syracuse. Their AMSOIL synthetic boat motor oil in Syracuse can keep the engine protected and running smoothly. Call (315) 727-4645 for more information.

Tread Lightly

Needless to say, after snowstorms, rainfall, and hail, it's likely that the inside of your boat will be wet. If you want to avoid slips, falls, injuries, and people ending up in the water, you should take some precautions. For example, be very careful whenever you'll be stepping onto and out of the boat. Likewise, remind everyone to wear shoes that can grip the floor, and to hold on to the boat so they don't slip and fall.

Light Up Your Life

If you've ever driven a car, you know that driving when it's raining, snowing, or hailing can really decrease your visibility. Well, the same thing happens when you're in your boat. Not only that, but now that it's winter, the days are darker. To keep these circumstances from affecting how well you see and how well others see you, remember to turn on your headlights and keep them on. Verify that the battery and the lights are working perfectly before heading out.

Break the Ice

Finally, if during your boating adventures, you find that there's ice on the water, know how to react to it. If the ice is thin, you can easily navigate through it and break it off as you go. If it's a bit thicker, use a boat pole to break it off in the direction you'll be moving. If you get the sense that it's too thick, don't push it; it's better to turn around and hit the water another day.

If You Require Synthetic Boat Motor Oil in Syracuse

Rest assured that Marland Enterprises in Syracuse can provide the necessary, high quality products to keep your boat's engine in mint condition. Contact them at (315) 727-4645 to learn more about how AMSOIL can benefit your vehicle. You can also look through the online store if you'd like to place an order for synthetic boat motor oil in Syracuse.

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