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If you want to keep your engine in perfect working condition, you need to use the best products on it, such as synthetic oil in Cortland County. If, however, you aren't entirely certain why you should choose synthetic oil over regular, crude oil, the following post will share some information on the matter.

Why You Need Synthetic Oil in Cortland County

It Minimizes the Friction in Your Engine

The oil that you use for your engine can help maintain your vehicle in top shape. This is because it lubricates and protects your engine's components, so they aren't worn down by the friction that occurs when they move around. This way, you can drive your vehicle in a smoother and better way.

It Has a Higher Viscosity Index

One of the biggest differences between synthetic oil and conventional oil, is that the former has a higher viscosity index. Basically, this means that it has a thicker and more dense consistency, which translates into superior protection for your engine and its components.

It Has a Greater Shear Stability

As you know, movement and friction create heat, and that is exactly what happens in your engine; after it's been working for a while, it becomes extremely hot. The oil in your vehicle should be able to endure those conditions, and synthetic oil, thanks to its greater shear stability, is able to withstand them better than regular oil.

It Transfers Heat More Effectively

Tied up to the point above, the oil in your vehicle also has the important job of transferring heat, to help avoid that your engine overheats and shuts down. Synthetic oil can transfer heat more effectively than conventional oil, which means that your engine will run cooler. If you want your engine to run cooler, call Marland Enterprises at (315) 727-4645 to provide it with a full synthetic oil change in Cortland County.

It Withstands Oxidation Better

Your engine is not exempt from chemical processes: oxidation, which takes place when the oil in it and oxygen mix together, is known to happen from time to time. Unfortunately, this process creates sediments, sludge and other gunk that is left in your engine. Luckily, synthetic oil withstands oxidation better than regular oil.

It Won't Leave Contaminants Behind

Speaking of leftovers, how these oils are manufactured also affects your engine. Regular oil is made from crude oils, which are often filled with contaminants, that are then left behind in your engine. Synthetic oil is man-made from natural gas or alcohol, which leave no residue, making your engine cleaner and more effective.

It is the Best Option for Your Personal Economy

A surprising advantage to choosing synthetic oil over regular oil for your vehicle, is that it can represent a decrease in its maintenance costs. This is because the protection they provide will keep your engine in the best shape possible, allowing you to save time and money on its upkeep.

It is Less Wasteful and More Eco-Friendly

In relation to the point above, opting for synthetic oil can also be a more eco-friendly option. As you can imagine, its superior performance results in you having to drain it out and replace it less frequently than conventional oil. This not only means that you'll spend less on oil, but that it won't be as wasteful.

It Can Result in an Improved Performance

As the owner of a vehicle, you surely want to it to do its best and get you where you need to go in a reliable and effective way. Synthetic oil can help in this regard, since its lubrication and protection will help improve your vehicle's performance, and may even lead to it increasing its horsepower.

It Helps Extend Your Vehicle's Life Expectancy

Finally, one of the better reasons to use the best synthetic oil in Cortland County for your engine, is that it can also help extend your vehicle's lifespan. This can come as a result of providing it with the maintenance it requires to continue in perfect working condition, which may lead to your vehicle staying with you for longer.

Take Care of Your Engine with the Most Effective Synthetic Oil in Cortland County

If you want to ensure that your engine will be lubricated, and that it won't suffer the consequences of not having the protection it requires, choose the best synthetic oil in Cortland County by AMSOIL. For more information on the benefits that using AMSOIL's top quality products can bring, contact Marland Enterprises at (315) 727-4645. You can also look through their online store if you're ready to place an order, to give your engine a much needed full synthetic oil change in Cortland County.

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