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Low temperatures have arrived. For this reason, you should keep reading these tips by Marland Enterprises to prevent your vehicle from suffering the winter's harshness. Use these suggestions to prepare your car ASAP!

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Run Some Checks and Change the Battery

The battery is the mechanical element that suffers the most in low temperatures. Marland Enterprises has shed light on this topic before, but it's important to keep emphasizing the subject. Old batteries are prone to discharge if they're four to six years old. If the battery is at its average age, it's advisable to change it before finding out that the car doesn't start or struggles a lot to do so since at the slightest symptom of battery failure, it's better to replace it.

Check the State of the Coolant

Another mechanical aspect to consider, especially if you live in areas with sub-zero temperatures, is the coolant's condition. If the liquid has a bright color, be it yellow, red, or green (there are different colors), you can be quite sure that it's in an optimal state. If it has a more translucent or dirty color, take it as an unmistakable sign that it has deteriorated either due to residues from the refrigeration circuit or mixed with deionized water in a previous intervention; the latter reduces its antifreeze capabilities. When in doubt, the best procedure is to replace the antifreeze liquid with a new one.

Allow the Engine to Warm Up Before Using the Car

The fluids in the car and the engine's mechanical components suffer the consequences of the winter. Thus when you start the vehicle every morning, it's essential to wait a few minutes for the engine and its primary fluids (oil, steering fluid, brakes, etc.) to reach their minimum temperature. Don't roll with the engine and extremely cold fluids under any circumstance since it can damage the moving parts of the machine. This advice is especially relevant in Turbo engines since this type of motor needs the best possible lubrication, so you'll have to wait a little longer than necessary until the oil reaches its minimal temperature and lubricates it properly.

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Recharge the Air Conditioning

Keep the air conditioning circuit charged by gas, as this system consists of dry air, and it notably helps to evaporate the mist from the vehicle's windows. Also, keep in mind that the air conditioning doesn't necessarily mean "cold air," but rather the hot air can also accommodate the passengers' climatic needs.

Raise the Windscreen Wipers

If you leave the car parked in an area where frosts are frequent, you must raise the wiper blades to prevent the rubber from sticking to the front or rear window, or worse, breaking up, leaving the windshield wipers useless. Additionally, you must check the windshield washer fluid to verify it can hold its fluidity a few degrees below zero, at least. Otherwise, it will freeze and be useless until after a while, when the engine's heat melts the fluid.

Have Winter Accessories at Your Disposal

Carry a plastic paddle inside the vehicle to scrape off the accumulated frost on the front window. There are de-icing products on the market that melt the ice in a moment, but they are not fit for vehicle maintenance since they are produced with solvent and alcohol bases that can damage the wiper rubbers.

Check the Operation of the Heated Rear Window

Checking the heated rear window's performance will spare you from traveling without seeing what's behind it. If it doesn't work, the fuse may have blown, which is less of a problem. If not, the best advice is to take the car to a trusted workshop to have the rear window's electrical circuit checked by a professional.

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