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The oil in your vehicle plays a very important role: it minimizes the friction between the engine's components, protecting them from wear, and keeping them at a cooler temperature. Providing your engine with regular oil changes will help keep it lubricated and properly maintained. For a few tips on how you should change the oil in your vehicle, continue reading.

How to Give Your Engine the Best Synthetic Oil Change in Syracuse

Feed Your Engine Top Quality Products

Needless to say, employing products of the highest quality on your engine can affect its maintenance and how it performs. That's why, if you'll be changing the oil for your vehicle, you should trust in AMSOIL synthetic oil in Syracuse, which can provide your engine the protection it needs to continue running cooler and more powerful than ever.

Inspect the Oil on a Regular Basis

Changing your oil every so often is probably one of the most important things you should do to ensure that your vehicle will keep working as expected. For that reason, it's crucial that you inspect the oil in your engine on a regular basis. Keeping an eye out to verify that it's at the right levels and that it isn't leaking, is an easy way to maintain your engine in the best shape possible.

Use the Dipstick Expertly

The best way to see if your the oil is at the proper levels is to read the dipstick. To use it expertly, first you need to park your vehicle on a flat surface, so the oil isn't tilted and gives wrong readings. Then, take the dipstick out and clean it with a piece of cloth. Notice the two marks on it: the lower one indicates the minimum amount of oil your vehicle should have; the higher one signalizes the maximum amount. Put the dipstick back in and wait for a couple of seconds. Take it out once more and see which mark its closest to. If needed, refill the oil so your engine is properly lubricated.

Pay Attention to Other Indicators that You Need an Oil Change

There are other signs that you should look out for if you want to provide your engine with a synthetic oil change in Syracuse. For instance, it's advised that you change it approximately every 3,000 miles or every 12 months. The oil's color can also be a giveaway, since old and dirty oil turns black. Moreover, you should notice your vehicle's behavior: if the "check engine" sign turns on, or if the engine is jumpy and noisy, then you'll need to replace the oil. Call (315) 727-4645 to contact Marland Enterprises in Syracuse for the best synthetic oil change.

Let Your Engine Run for a Bit Before Changing the Oil

If you want to make your oil change a little bit easier, just turn on your vehicle for about five minutes (no more), to heat it up and make the oil more fluid and easier to drain. However, if you end up warming up your car for too long, you're going to have to wait about half an hour for it to cool down, since you may end up getting burned if you're not careful.

Provide the Proper Support for Your Vehicle

Unless you want an accident to happen while you change the oil in your engine, you shouldn't put all of your vehicle's weight just on the jack. You'll be working under your car, so a collapsed jack can result in a disastrous situation. That's why you should support your vehicle and the jack with a jack stand to ensure that you won't be in danger.

Get Your Hands Dirty and Oily

You may think that using a wrench to change the oil may make your job easier. While this is true for removing the old oil, using one to tighten it back up may perforate it, which is why you should use your hands instead. Also, check your owner's manual to see how many turns you should give it to seal it right (be sure to not go over or under that number to avoid leaks). Finally, use oil on the filter gasket so it can seal better.

Keep Track of Your Oil Changes

Lastly, whenever you replace the oil in your vehicle, keep a notebook nearby. There, document the date of the oil change and how many bottles of oil you needed to fill up your engine again. Keeping a record of your oil replacements will make it easier for you to take better care of your engine and its maintenance needs.

If You Need the Best Synthetic Oil Change in Syracuse

If you're ready to feed your vehicle with the best synthetic oil in Syracuse, turn to Marland Enterprises in Syracuse. Call (315) 727-4645 for more information, or place an order through their online store.

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